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Meet Stanley in this Disabled Dogs video!

Video by: Tiffany Obembe | @tfobembe

Stanley is an 8 year old Pekingese with intervertebral disc disease.  He's been disabled since 2008 following two major back surgeries on herniated discs.  Paralyzed twice, re-learned how to walk twice, and his medical file is 4 inches thick. 

The Stanny Diaries is a dog blog with a special interest in caring for disabled dogs—emotionally, financially and practically. 

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians or animal experts. We are also NOT a rescue, foster or non-profit organization. We are dog owners writing about our experience with our dog.  Always consult with a vet before following novice advice on the internet!

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Poop Tales: Strategies for Managing Dog Diarrhea

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So lets start off with a disclaimer. I'm not a vet, and this is just based off my personal experience. If you have questions about your dog's diarrhea, especially if it goes on longer than 24 hours, there's also vomiting or if you see blood, call your vet immediately. Ask your vet when it's time to seek emergency care, and don't let the tummy troubles go on too long--it's dangerous. 

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On Helping Your Arthritic, Senior or Disabled Dog

Underwater Treadmill

Earlier today I was reading an article by Modern Dog Magazine, 9 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog, even though I'm not sure that Stan actually has arthritis. He's got pretty much everything else though. Anyway, many of their tips could probably apply to senior dogs and disabled dogs in general. 


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Our last article suggested we were back after a hiatus. Between grad school and wedding planning (among other things) there was little time to blog about the happenings in Stan's life. Post-wedding there was internships, assistantships, capstones and finally graduation! And after a lovely vacation on Cape Cod, we're back.  


We're back and Happy 10th Birthday to Stanny!

Bowtie Stan

Hey blog friends!


5 Tips for Managing Your Disabled Dog's Chronic Health Problems


After several months of trying to get Stanley back on track following the discovery of his bladder stones, we're pretty much nowhere. We're exhausted, Stan's exhausted, and we still haven't figured this whole thing out. After our last vet visit we decided to switch Stan back to Royal Canin SO canned food since he was refusing to eat the Hills UD and had started to lose weight. We came home with some Royal Canin SO, some more metronidazole (flagyl), and some Fortiflora.  

When Your Disabled Dog Has Chronic Diarrhea

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Haven't blogged in awhile. Why you ask? Our disabled dog Stanley has had a tough time since his bladder surgery.  We've switched to Hills Prescription U/D dog food, which he was pretty excited about at first.  Now, he refuses to eat it. He's had bouts of diarrhea in the past, which we've blogged about, but this time we haven't been able to get it under control for long. Coupled with the fact that he is refusing to eat, AND seems to be having stress induced diarrhea, its hard to disentangle all the factors that could be leading to his tummy trouble. I know lots of dogs get diahhrea, but the thing with Stanley is that resting his stomach through fasting, giving him a bland diet (which isn't an option for him anymore), none of it works. Once it gets going we have to go to the vet because it always lasts more than 48 hours, and pretty quickly there is blood in his stool, which is always concerning. When your dog has chronic diarrhea, your life is not your own, that's for sure! Between clean ups, vet visits, constant walks and needing to go out, its pretty all consuming! It consumes both your life, and your wallet. 

When Your Dog Has Defective Genes

Jetsons Gif

I think this is an adequate representation of how I feel when I go to the vet and Stan ends up with some new condition that we weren't expecting.

When Your Disabled Dog has Multiple Special Needs

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Sometimes I think this has to be a joke.  How can one adorable little puppy have so many health problems?  Here's the laundry list of things Stan has dealt with in his 9 years on this planet:

Our Disabled Dog Has Bladder Stones Removed via Cystotomy Surgery

headed to surgery

What a crazy few weeks. As you know we found out that Stanley had bladder stones a few weeks ago. Couldn't have been worse timing since I was just about to move into the final few weeks of my semester, chock full of projects, papers, and presentations. However, it was important to me that I would be able to be around during the day while he recovered, and since I'm starting my practicum in a few weeks and would be out of the house, and since his bladder was FULL of stones, we decided to do the surgery as soon as possible. 

Make Your Own Orthopedic Dog Bed: Replacing the Foam

Bed with New Foam

Hey all!

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